Sick Season Essential Oil

Well… it’s officially Flu season! Flu shots are prevalent at pretty much every pharmacy. Kids, co-workers, and family members are fighting not to get sick. Naturally most of us hate being sick and feeling under the weather. Something that I have found helpful is Doterra’s On Guard Essential Oil. This oil blend contains 5 primary oils including: Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Rosemary. These oils help boost the immune system up so that you are less likely to get sick, and definitely help if you do catch a bug as well.

While this particular essential oil is available in multiple forms including cleaning products, soaps, oil, throat drops, and more… My favorite way to use this oil is by ingesting it regularly, especially when I know people around me are getting sick. I personally think the downside of any oil ingestion is the flavor or heat of the oil. Sometimes if you have a strong oil such as cinnamon it can cause your mouth to burn when ingesting it this way. So what’s the solution? Doterra has a couple of options for this. They do have veggie capsules available that you can fill with your own oil blends. But this requires more work, and let’s face it, I like simple! For this oil blend they make 2 options which are my go-to choices.

Option 1: This is definitely my favorite option. Doterra makes On Guard Soft-Gels. These are already in a soft gel capsule so you just swallow it with water and don’t taste anything strong or gross! This is definitely the easiest and my favorite way to ingest this oil.

Option 2: On Guard Beadlets are my number 2 option. This still allows me to ingest the oil without as much burn; however, in order to get the equivalent amount of oil as a soft gel, you do need to ingest more beadlets. For this reason they are my number 2 choice. I will say, the beadlet bottles are tiny and can easily fit in a purse – so if your on the go this is definitely a great option!

Where/How to purchase? There are many Doterra representatives around to order directly from. Doterra allows you to order online via website, or become a preferred customer or distributor. As usual, the distributors get the best price – but they do pay an annual fee in order to sell products. As a distributor you get about 25% off.

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Check out a quick video on the oil:

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