Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty is the new trendy customized shampoo and conditioner. I ordered some to try because seriously what could be better than a completely custom shampoo and conditioner designed for my hair and goals?

They have several scents and colors to choose from and are all natural ingredient based. I ordered the following options for my curly hair:

Hair type: Curly + fine + frizz

Goals: deep condition + fix split ends + hydrate + angi-frizz + soothe scalp

Fragrance: feeling (f)ineapple + light

Click Here to visit Function of Beauty and get your custom shampoo and conditioner

After trying these for a month, my review is really that they are just okay. The smell is lovely, the colors are beautiful and bottles are catchy and stylish. But the product itself doesn’t really make my hair feel as amazing as it is represented. My hair was just not loving it and I found myself supplementing with extra conditioning treatments and leave in products.

If you want pretty bottles and fancy custom shampoo and conditioner, then this is for you. But if you want a great product that improves your hair and fully detangles, I don’t recommend it. The cheap drug store Cantu cream shampoo and botanical Tresemme conditioner function 10x times better and at 1/4 of the cost for this curly girl.

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