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Our Approach

You could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." We started this blog as a way to share our unique struggles through the modern world of a million and one products. How do you decide what is the best thing to use and why? We found ourselves struggling with changes in food and products and developing new allergies and sensitivities that didn't use to be a thing. With the modern struggles we are on a constant search for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Story

We figured if we have issues finding healthy products for life that don't cause allergies or sensitivities, other people probably struggle too. So why not share what we find cool, and maybe it will help you too.

Meet the Team

Brandi is the primary author and founder of BES Lifestyle. Becky is a permanent guest co-author. In addition we have a multitude of guests in our videos and blogs!


Brandi Breshears

Founder & Author

Brandi was born and raised in Boise, Idaho area. She grew up as a dancer and gymnast and later on was a professional contemporary ballerina. She completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Dominican University of California as a Dance major and Arts Management minor. She graduated Cum Laude and went onto receive her Masters in Business Administration from Boise State University. She has studied nutrition and health almost her entire life due to a combination of her Father being a doctor, personal interest, and allergy struggles. She is currently living in Idaho and enjoying writing and living life to it's fullest.


Becky Breshears


Becky Breshears was born and raised in Louisiana and Georgia. She moved to Idaho in her twenties and has lived in the Boise area almost her entire adult life. She is a professional travel writer with Traveling From Boise. Prior to her writing career, she worked as a company manager and event producer for several years.

We are honored to have her as a guest presenter and writer on BES Lifestyle.

Next Steps...

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